What is the 45% Challenge?

In 2019 climate scientists issued an urgent, special report warning that we need to reduce the world’s carbon footprint by 45% in the next ten years or the damage done by climate change will become irreversible. Croplands will become deserts. Entire ecosystems will disappear. The world’s coral reefs will die. 

In other words, the climate scientists have issued a challenge. Let’s call it the 45% challenge. Reduce our CO2 emissions by 45% before 2030 or risk making much of the planet uninhabitable.

So, we have ten years and two choices. We can wait and hope someone else will solve the problem. That’s what we’ve been doing for the past 30 years. That hasn’t worked out so well. 

Or we can act.

It will take all of us, doing everything we can, to solve this problem. But, together, we can solve it.

My kids and I have committed to taking the 45% challenge. We might not get there. Ultimately, we are going to need massive initiatives to convert our economy to run without carbon. But we can’t afford to wait.

If we care about our kids and their kids and their grandkids, we need to act. Now.

So join us. Take the 45% challenge.

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